mini-social with Newbie

Th. J. van Hoesel th.j.v.hoesel at
Wed Dec 4 09:42:54 GMT 2013

This Wednesday afternoon I will be around at Victoria to find tickets from London to Paris Hackaton Patch -P1.

I would love to meet and speak with my fellow mongers a bit more. So, if anyone likes to spend a few beers or have a bite with me, that would be super...

Oh... and if you have forgotten, I was here on LWP to talk about fractions and slashes - and to announce the Dutch Perl Workshop on the 25th of April.

Just someone that can select a proper place? I have no clues at all.

Oh... I am 'for hire', so if you or your company 'hires' or if you are a recruiter... this is your chance the meet the crazy Dutchman, the oldest participant of the 'Send-a-Newbie' program.

Theo vanHoesel

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