New Relic

Duncan Garland duncan.garland at
Thu Dec 19 22:33:08 GMT 2013



About 9 months ago we asked New Relic about Perl bindings for their
web-monitoring software and we're told that there weren't any.


A couple of weeks ago New Relic contacted me and said that they now have an
SDK in beta which is aimed at allowing dynamic languages which do not
already have a specific interface, such as Perl, to use New Relic.


So far all they've given me are some C libraries which I'm trying to link
into a module using Inline::C. Once I've done that, apparently we can call
the standard New Relic functions and everything will just work. It's
supposed to be as simple as that.


However, I think there's a problem looming. The documentation is very
sparse, but it mentions threads. Nothing specific about threads, just
threads. Furthermore, my contact hasn't reacted when I've suggested that
threading in Perl is a controversial topic. This has made me suspect that
New Relic don't know about Perl and threading.


Is there anybody on this list, or on the p5p list, who would like to
contribute to the project and who has the specialist knowledge about Perl
internals and threading to be able to field the issues which are likely to








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