Discount code for next month's QCon

Damian Conway damian at
Tue Feb 11 21:13:23 GMT 2014

[Reposted from my blog]

<farnsworth>"Good news, everyone!</farnsworth>
I'm going to be back in London for the entire first two weeks of March.

First up, if anyone is planning on attending QCon London next month
(, here's a discount code that will get you
£100 off registration (and see another £100 donated to "Make A Wish UK"):


I'll be speaking at the conference, giving a keynote on quantum cellular
automata, as well as a tutorial on presentation skills, and a 40-minute
preview of my new 1-day polyglot regular expressions class...which
FlossUK will then be offering in full in the following week

We're also looking into the possibility of me giving another talk for one evening in the second week. Look for an announcement
once we can confirm a date and venue.


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