smutty british expression?

Sue Spence virtuallysue at
Thu Feb 13 08:00:54 GMT 2014

On 13 Feb 2014 07:02, "Uri Guttman" <uri at> wrote:
> hi all,
> i am sure the subject got your attention. i read an article about the
beatles sense of humor (50th year since they invaded the states is big
here). it mentioned a line from penny lane:
>         a four of fish and finger pies
> the article author said it was a somewhat smutty british expression. any
of you smutty brits care to elucidate?

A somewhat smutty 50+ year old expression. The odds of it being current now
are pretty low, but as with most beatlesy things I'm pretty sure there are
160 different websites which mention it.

I wish I could get fish for 4p now.

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