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Thu Feb 13 21:56:57 GMT 2014

gvim said:
> On 12/02/2014 16:11, Dave Cross wrote:
>> Why did you want to know?
> I asked because I wanted to know which mailing list, outside of the PM 
> lists, is considered to be the main mailing list for general Perl questions. 
> When I looked on there were 200 to choose from.

The Perl community is huge, so it hasn't been had any "main" forum like you're 
looking for, for many years - if ever. That's why everyone is asking "what are 
you *actually* looking for".

If you're looking for authoriy voices, they can be found everywhere, all of 
them specialized in certain fields and often with their own rules and 
traditions. Several of us on this mailing list may be able to help you find 
the right forum (if there is one) for your purposes, but we can't really help 
you if you're not willing to go beyond your current position.

You won't find a "CEO of Perl" or some "Perl Steering committee" mailing list. 
There isn't one. We're all distributed and only as organized as we have to, 
and as long as the Perl community remains a volunteer effort, that's not 
likely to change.

Having said that, volunteering comes with a cost and one thing many are wary 
of, is wasting the (rather precious) time of core volunteers. That's certainly 
one important reason why we ask you what your intentions are. And since you 
haven't offered anything substantial, this makes certain warning bells ring. I 
hope you understand.


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