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Nicholas Clark nick at
Tue Feb 25 15:59:21 GMT 2014

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 03:25:54PM +0000, Alex Balhatchet wrote:
> On 25 February 2014 14:59, Aaron Crane <perl at> wrote:
> > That's because, thanks to demerphq++, Perl 5.10 and above have a
> > built-in trie optimisation which is defeated by the cleverness of the
> > Regexp::Trie regexes. To take the example from the Regexp::Trie
> > documentation:
> Oh my, thanks for the heads up :-) Nice work Perl 5.10!

This future has been available to one and all for just over six years.

I believe it's even installed as standard on current RHEL if sysadmins
are allergic to the idea of building something even more current from

IIRC thought that they got roughly a 30% CPU drop in going from
vendor supplied 5.8.5 to vanilla 5.14.mumble built from source.
They never did blog this though :-(

Nicholas Clark

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