[ANNOUNCE] Damian Conway Speaking at London.pm: Monday, 10th March

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Thu Mar 6 12:38:46 GMT 2014

> But to the best of my knowledge, Damian has never charged for speaking to
> london.pm.

Dave is correct. I never charge for community events like this.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, very occasionally I *have* accepted
unsolicited donations from an audience, or from an event organizer, to
cover my travel or accommodation costs. And, no, that's definitely *not*
a hint or a suggestion. London.pm has already been more than generous
enough in the past to cover any number of future talks I might give. ;-)

I would never expect payment to speak to my fellow Mongers. I have
always considered it both a responsibility and a profound privilege to
give back in this small way to the worldwide Perl community, who have
supported me so steadfastly over the years.


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