[ANNOUNCE] Damian Conway Speaking at London.pm: Monday, 10th March

Salve J Nilsen sjn-london.pm at pvv.org
Fri Mar 7 07:36:18 GMT 2014

Uri Guttman said:
> On 03/06/2014 06:28 PM, Salve J Nilsen wrote:
>> Mark Overmeer said:
>>> * mascip (mascip at gmail.com) [140306 08:39]:
>>>> I can't make it. Any chance that our will be filmed?
>>> You may be able come to hear Damian in Amsterdam on March 18 ;-)
>> Or in Oslo on March 26th and 28th :D
> how did you convince or blackmail damian to be in oslo in march?!

I think the cause lies in his Aussome future-gazing superpowers predicting the 
warm weather in Oslo. My influence is rather limited, sadly. :-)

> about 10 years ago i produced his training in boston in february and he was 
> frozen to icicles. :) i imagine it would be colder in oslo only a month 
> later. what is the mean temp there in march? and i mean MEAN temp!

No idea how cold Boston is, but you can always look at the stats :)


...or the climate data:


Having said that, the mean march isn't really that mean in Oslo. :)

- Salve

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