Bouncing accidental sends

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Thu Mar 20 12:15:55 GMT 2014

Jon Antonovics jon.antonovics at wrote
> Absolutely nothing while quoting a previous digest


As someone who has managed to do something similar in the past, I was wondering if it was possible to put a filter into the list software that identified and bounced posts that failed one of the following tests:

- if the title were of the format of something like: "(Re: )? Digest Vol..."

- more than a certain number of leading ">"s were included: maybe 50

- a minimum number of non ">" rows were not included: the number 3 springs to mind,

- a minimal ratio of non ">" rows to ">" were not exceeded maybe 10%

- more than a certain line length without a carriage return were spotted (this is for those of use who use hotmail and have discovered sending in html doesn't always meet kindly with the list software)





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