BT Wifi turns off SSL for Google Search!?

Smylers Smylers at
Tue Mar 25 16:41:18 GMT 2014

William Blunn writes:

> I was just using Google over BT Wifi when I noticed a little yellow
> box in the corner
> "SSL search is off
> This network has turned off SSL search, so you cannot see
> personalised results.
> The security features of SSL search are not available. Content
> filtering may be in place.
> Learn More | Dismiss"

Thanks for the tip-off. I also saw that this morning on BT Wifi, but I
probably wouldn't have realized what it meant without having already
read your message explaining it.

> It transpires that Google provides a service to assist network admins
> in turning off SSL access to Google Search. WTF!?

It's amusing that the people get most upset about Google using SSL for
searches are SEO ‘experts’, who apparently deem the lack of Referer:
header that comes with that to be some kind of breach of their human

> It seems that BT Wifi have decided to implement this for their
> customer-facing network. ... The point is that BT Wifi are
> deliberately meddling in something that's not their place to meddle
> in.



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