XP-Replacement for Parents

Paul Johnson paul at pjcj.net
Thu Mar 27 12:17:30 GMT 2014

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 11:48:57AM +0000, Smylers wrote:

> • Newer Windows:  Would the latest Windows run on her hardware? Even if
>   it did, would it run her several-years-old version of WordPerfect?

>   Or would a newer-than-XP-but-not-the-most-recent version of Windows be
>   better? In which case, is it still possible to buy such a version? And
>   how long till the same question crops up again with that?

Another question to consider is whether the scanner would work with a
newer version of Windows.  I have a perfectly good HP Scanjet 5370C for
which there are no drivers available after XP.  (I believe there is a
commercial program which work on Windows 7.)  It works fine with Ubuntu
though.  So do check that if you are considering a Windows upgrade.

Paul Johnson - paul at pjcj.net

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