XP-Replacement for Parents

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Thu Mar 27 16:31:03 GMT 2014

Avleen Vig writes:

> +1 to this.

[Where “this” is buying a Mac. Is there some link between Mac advocates
and top-posting?]

> As technically inclined people we want others to use Linux and have it
> be a viable desktop.

Perhaps surprisingly, none of the responses I've had have seemed to be
advocating a choice for political rather than practical reasons. What
makes you think those suggesting Linux have been doing so with the
motivation of wanting others to use Linux?

I think it's clear from the options I listed (two of which were Windows)
and the pros and cons of them that I mentioned (none of which were
political) that wanting to evangelize Linux isn't a factor for Mum's

> But OSX is a much better one,

“Better” in which ways?

It seems that for many non-technically-inclined people, OSes are now
mostly just a way of loading a web browser.

> is very well supported,

It isn't supported by me! If I gave Mum Ubuntu, I'm confident of being
able to help her.

> and also "just works" in every way that matters.

> She'll still have libreoffice available as well as a large assortment
> of other apps with shiny polished interfaces and buttons.

What are these apps and shiny things, and why do you think my mum would
be interested in them?

(Apologies if that reads aggressively. It isn't meant as such, but as a
literal question; I know so little about Macs that I genuinely have no
idea what it is they offer.)

> Obviously it costs a bit more, but frankly she's going to need newer
> hardware sooner or later.

Yes. But later would be preferable.

As would cheaper. Somebody else who replied directly reckons that a
brand new Windows laptop can be had for £250 (including Vat and
delivery). How much is a basic Mac, and how long would it be supported

> That laptop won't last forever and even Ubuntu will perform poorly
> really.

The current performance seems to be acceptable (with XP).

Thanks for your reply.


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