XP-Replacement for Parents

Fred Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 13:09:21 GMT 2014

On 27/03/14 17:01, Smylers wrote:
> Fred Youhanaie writes:
>> On 27/03/14 11:48, Smylers wrote:
>>> • Ubuntu:  The OS will install, but I don't know if Mum's scanner
>>>    will work with it, and I'm pretty sure it won't work in the same
>>>    way, where pressing a physical button on the scanner causes some
>>>    HP application to open on the desktop with the scanned document.
>> Why not try it with live CD, before going ahead with the installation.
> Oooh, does Ubuntu still fit on a CD? That's a good idea. Thanks.

I doubt it, but you should be able to install any packages you want to try out temporarily during the live CD session.

I think LibreOffice is usually included, but probably not the scanner software.


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