Releasing a module with additional dependencies

Andrew Beverley andy at
Tue Apr 15 15:27:07 BST 2014

Hi guys,

A bit of a newbie question on publishing a module.

I've just taken over as maintainer of Device::VantagePro and released a
new version with some additional features. One of the features
(get_timezone) requires DateTime::TimeZone, which was not previously

I need some advice as to whether I should:

1. Make DateTime::TimeZone a new mandatory dependency for the whole
module, even though people might not need the functionality that relies
on it. This is my preference, but is that approach considered to be a
Bad Thing?

2. Add DateTime::Timezone as an optional dependency. In this case could
someone please point me in the direction of instructions on how to do
this (Google is failing me).

Currently the module is failing build tests as I have not implemented
either of these options.



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