Module namespace for projects

Andrew Beverley andy at
Thu May 22 09:59:00 BST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm creating a Perl project that I hope to eventually release (a Postfix
filter to add signatures to outgoing emails). My aim is to eventually
release it as a Debian package.

A stupid question, but I'm a bit unsure about how I should define the
namespace for my project's modules. Do I need to slot any program
modules into the CPAN namespace?

So, for example, I'll have a module to manage all the database aspects.
Let's say the program will be called "emailsig" and I use Emailsig::DB
for the database queries. Presumably the module Emailsig::DB would
eventually need to be installed under /usr/share, so should I actually
be naming the module something like Email::Emailsig::DB?

Following on from the above, should I then be uploading the modules to

Grateful for any advice!


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