Interview - a Dancer in London:)

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Jun 25 15:21:59 BST 2014

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 02:53:05PM +0100, Andrew Solomon wrote:
> Just so you know where Andy's coming from...

Thank you both for an interesting interview.

There's only one part that worries me:

  Is there any chance you'll give a presentation at the next LPW?

  Possibly, but I don't feel I've got to that level yet!

As Sue suggested yesterday in her request for technical talks, the
most interesting technical meetings cover a range of topics from a
variety of speakers.

It's interesting to hear Perl experts talk about the advanced details
of how Perl works, but it's dull to only hear about this.

It's always nerve wracking to give a talk, but most of us have
interesting stories of our experience with Perl that would make a good
5 minute talk to get people thinking.  I encourage you to offer those

Meeting organisers will always help you plan your talk if asked, and
social meetings are a good opportunity to bounce around ideas.


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