Interview - a Dancer in London:)

Sue Spence virtuallysue at
Wed Jun 25 19:31:15 BST 2014

On 25 June 2014 16:45, Joel Bernstein <joel at> wrote:

> On 25 June 2014 16:21, Tom Hukins <tom at> wrote:
> > It's INTERESTING to hear Perl experts talk about the advanced details
> > of how Perl works, but it's dull TO ONLY hear about this.
> >
> My experience of Perl events is that while these talks can often be dry,
> dull and [...]

Tom definitely didn't say that any talks were dull.

> I applaud any initiative to widen the scope and appeal of these sessions

Thank you. That's what we are hoping to accomplish, though not because we
think that previous tech meetings have been deficient. These events are put
on by volunteers and even attendees give up their own time to come along
and participate. I hope we will all get back more than what we put into it,
but time will tell.

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