[ANNOUNCE] Next Technical Meeting: 24th July @ Conway Hall

Sue Spence virtuallysue at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 16:36:42 BST 2014

Hi everyone,

London Perl Mongers will hold its next technical meeting in the Brockway
room at Conway Hall on Thursday 24th July, doors opening at 18:30 for a
19:00 start.

Please submit talk proposals to me (off-list), any length from 5 - 30
minutes will be cheerfully considered.  Topic suggestions:

- Today I Learned (something new  to you about Perl or a technology built
with Perl)
- Technical Debt Reduction (war stories from your work experience,
especially with a happy ending)
- Personal projects in which you used Perl in some way
- Perl 6 and/or its triumvirate of supported virtual machine back ends
(Parrot, Moar, JVM)

... or indeed anything else Perl-related that you're passionate about.

I would like to thank Rick Deller / Eligo Recruitment for generously
sponsoring us.


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