Next Technical Meeting: 24th July @ Conway Hall

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Mon Jun 30 09:56:40 BST 2014

Tom Hukins <tom at> wrote

> On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 02:35:42PM +0100, Chris Jack wrote:
>> Is there a website for signing up to this? If I search on google for "London Perl Mongers", the likely suspects seem to be things like:
> Hi, Chris. I've mentioned to you before that is run by a
> small number of volunteers if and when we have time. We're always
> looking for more people to help out with making things happen. If
> we're not meeting your expectations, please join in and help out.

Please don't interpret my question as some sort of back handed slight or a sign of a lack of appreciation. I was really asking because I don't want to miss out on the coming meeting and was unclear on what the signup requirements were. And please don't interpret any of the rest of this email as a slight either: rather take it as an offer to assist.

If you want to organise access rights for me on the websites, I would be more than happy to
- take responsibility for coordinating the release of meeting announcements going forward
- amend the appspot site to make it clear it is now defunct and add links to the other websites
- put a link from to the meetup group


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