Deploying perl code

David Cantrell david at
Thu Jul 24 16:25:22 BST 2014

Our "deployment process" at work isn't so much a well-documented
dependable repeatable process as a modern dance interpretation of
lemonparty. It needs taking out and shooting.

What tools do you use for:

* deploying code to multiple servers;
  * and multiple environments - eg live, staging, ...
    so eg we have,, ...
* updated/added dependencies
  * both CPANish modules and possibly OS packages such as libraries
    that those modules wrap around
* database structure updates;

I'm looking for tools that will make it easy to go from a bunch of code
in a release branch on github to an updated bunch of servers, with
minimal downtime. If it matters we're using Debian.

Is this the sort of thing that puppet and chef are for? If you've used
them are they as awesome as the hype makes out, or will they just push
me into the same murderous rage as our current bunch of incomplete shell
scripts do?

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