Open/Free BSD users -- help needed to fix Test::PostgreSQL

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Mon Aug 11 06:48:43 BST 2014

>>>>> "Toby" == Toby Wintermute <tjc at> writes:

Toby> I still get a lot of test failures from OpenBSD and FreeBSD users on
Toby> CPANTS, and I think it's simply down to the postgres binaries being
Toby> installed in different locations.

Toby> If you run either of those systems, would you be able to tell me the
Toby> path to the executables?

Toby> On most Linux distros, they are in
Toby> /usr/lib/postgresql/$VERSION/bin

FreeBSD puts them in a sane place: /usr/local/bin/psql etc.

As I recall, OpenBSD ditto.

Why the heck would people put "bin" stuff under a *lib* directory?
That's just... insane.

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