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Ben Vinnerd ben at
Sun Aug 31 19:29:19 BST 2014

Quick way would probably be to write some JS to clear/unset the radio
buttons where the user clicks one that would conflict with them.

e.g. User clicks Course 1/T1, then Course 1/T2. The 1st radio button that
the user selected (course 1/T1) would now be cleared/unset.

The flash looking solution would be to use some CSS to highlight the
background of conflicting selections with red.


On 31 August 2014 12:14, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:

> I need some HTML/Javascript help.
> See
> On this page you have a list of courses (Course 1 to Course 6) and three
> time periods (T1 to T3). The idea is that each person will select one
> course for each of the three time periods.
> I have it set up so that each time period has a set of radio buttons
> associated with it (one for each course). This ensures that each person can
> select only one course per time period. But it doesn't stop them from
> selecting the same course for all three time periods - which I don't want
> to allow.
> Then there's course 6. Course 6 runs across all time periods. If you
> select course 6 then you can't select any more courses.
> I guess I need to write some Javascript that enforces these extra
> rules[1]. But I thought that the clever people in might have
> some clever ideas. So I'm asking you first.
> How would you implement this?
> Dave...
> [1] And, yes, I know I'd need to implement the same checks server-side as
> well.
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> Dave Cross :: dave at
> @davorg

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