Building Perl 6

Nicholas Clark nick at
Thu Sep 11 08:20:12 BST 2014

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 06:40:11PM +0100, Steve Mynott wrote:
> I'd recommend
> $ rakudobrew build moar_jit # just in time MoarVM
> $ rakudobrew build-panda # like cpanm
> $ panda install Task::Star # some useful modules
> It's a lot faster to build than even a few months back and (for a tiny
> number of restricted and probably misleading benchmarks) faster than

eg its startup is faster than perl -MMoose
(so it can run "Hello World\n" in less time than Moose), but for runtime
benchmarks "your mileage may vary".

It does create threads faster than ithreads.
But no-one sane would be using threads even on Rakudo, because it has much
nicer concurrency abstractions.

Which makes it easy to write code that uses more than one CPU core, including
fanning computation out to multiple cores. Which starts to matter now that
even phones are quad-core.

(Are there any 8 core phones yet?)

Nicholas Clark

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