Austrian Perl Workshop 2014, Salzburg, 10th-13th October

Nicholas Clark nick at
Thu Sep 11 19:04:11 BST 2014

This year's Austrian Perl Workshop will be in Salzburg on 10th-13th October.
We are very lucky to have have three star guests:

   Larry Wall
   Tim Bunce
   Jonathan Worthington

who will all be talking [but not at the same time :-)]

Talks will be on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th October, and a hackathon on
Sunday 12th and Monday 13th. (Obviously hackathon attendance is optional. We
won't tell anyone if you decide to be tourists instead.)

The schedule has space for a few more talks (in German or "New High German"*),
if anyone would like to present something:

We also like sponsors:

For the avoidance of doubt, "other Perl workshops are available"**

Nicholas Clark

*  strictly this is not accurate. N.H.G. is really the Germanic equivalent of
** eg

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