London PM Hack Day Tomorrow - Perl 6 suggestions

Christian Jaeger chrjae at
Sat Sep 20 15:38:03 BST 2014

I've now pushed a new repo[1] on my Github that contains all the
modules on the topic I'd like to publish (and nothing else), modulo
errors (I'll have to test and see that nothing's missing; BTW[2]).
Added a start of a README but really very bare-bones. I'd prefer
working with someone else so I'm going to stop working on this today.


[2] BTW often when I need to know which modules to bundle up and not
miss a dependency, I'm running a program and run strace on it to get
the paths that it loads, but it felt tedious enough today that I just
collected the files by hand. Is there a better approach? I guess
accessing %INC would be a tad easier, and wrapping up in a nice tool
would be feasible to be widespread?

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