hackday report

Steve Mynott steve.mynott at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 18:54:22 BST 2014

I fixed an annoying deprecated warning in Perl 6 TestML.



which were test cases for fixed Perl 6 RT issues which just needed
tests for them to be closed - so housekeeping really.

I had been intending to work on a Perl 6 RSS feed aggregator I'd
started (although not yet on Github) but got rat holed on issues with
the two most obvious Perl 6 LWP libraries which essentially aren't
clever enough yet to guess the encoding if the server fails to supply
it (when of course it often doesn't).

Thanks to both Tom H and David L for some very useful suggestions
about this which is of course a hard problem (and there are even
libraries written to just handle this!).  I've got some pragmatic
patches to fix my immediate problems but intend to go further with

Generally the Hackday was a great success with a good turnout of
people in an interesting location with supplies of Club Mate and as
someone on IRC said there were very many more women than Daves.

BTW there is an issue with mail delivery on Windmill being lagged
about 3 hours due to a huge mail queue of bounces.  At a quick look it
looks that any bouncing addresses aren't being correctly unsubscribed
- certainly there are emails queued for addresses which haven't worked
for many years.  A short term fix would be for someone with Mailman
Admin access to change settings to more aggressively delete bouncing
addresses.  Medium term we intend to move mailing list hosting to
Sympa - which is Perl based and the people who run it announced at
YAPC::EU they were doing hosting for Monger groups for free.

Thanks to Exonetric there is a replacement FreeBSD Jail for Windmill
(currently running the LPM site software and a new wiki) and I've
named it "Hobbes" after the cat of a former and sadly missed leading
light of London.pm.  Once the mailing list is migrated off it will
take over from Windmill.

On 21 September 2014 15:01, Bob Walker <bob at randomness.org.uk> wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Sep 2014, Bob Walker wrote:
>> Found a bug in URI::Find::Delimited casued by a new release of URI::Find
>> - https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=99003
>> Imported the 2 releases of URI::Find::Delimited on CPAN into a git repo
>> and put in on github so I can then patch it to address the above bug.
>> - https://github.com/OpenGuides/URI-Find-Delimited
> This has now been released to CPAN.
> https://metacpan.org/release/BOB/URI-Find-Delimited-0.03
> https://github.com/OpenGuides/URI-Find-Delimited/pull/1
> --
> bob walker
> everything should be purple and bendy
> http://randomness.org.uk
> @rjw1

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