[ANNOUNCE] London Perl Workshop: Perl and the Arduino

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Mon Sep 22 09:56:06 BST 2014

==Arduino Workshop

It is our pleasure to announce that this year we will be presenting a 
Sponsored Arduino Workshop with part-sponsored equipment. Adrian McEwan 
and Hakim Cassimally will present a 4 hour workshop (split into two 
parts) focussing on the Arduino and Internet of Things.

The workshop will divide into a structured introduction, and a free 
period, where you can play with more electronics or code depending on 
your interests.

First half: Basics of Arduino and Electronics
connecting Arduino, basics of IDE, basics of C++ for Arduino
breadboard basics
wiring up a simple output (LED)
wiring up a simple input (button, potentiometer)
more complicated outputs - RGB LED
connecting to a simple internet app (basic PSGI) to change colour of LED

Second half: Playtime!
Collaborate with other attendees or work by yourself on, for example:
more electronics, wiring up a more complicated input/output from our 
goodie bag
more client code: play with C++ on the Arduino side
more server code: extend the basic PSGI you connected to earlier into a 
full featured Cat/Ox/Mojolicious app
more Perl interfacing: play with Device::Firmata, Device::Arduino::LCD, 
or Device::WebIO

As part of this workshop all attendees will leave with an Arduino Uno, 
Ethernet Shield and various small components. The cost of these 
components is close to £60 per kit; but thanks to generous sponsorship 
the attendees who sign up to this will only be charged £25 per person.

To sign up to this you must contact Mark Keating at 
"mailto:m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk" or Claire Jackson 
mailto:c.l.jackson at shadowcat.co.uk and confirm your participation. They 
will give you a link of how to pay. Payment *must* be in advance and 
numbers will be limited to 15 persons. We recommend you sign up early.

More details will be announced.

The speakers have been generously sponsored by the Enlightened Perl 

== Sponsors and Talks

We are still seeking sponsors for this year's event and the Call for 
Papers is open and waiting for you to sign up with your best(est) Perl 
and Internet of Things talks, or other talks as you feel happy to 
submit. There is only a few weeks left to submit those talks.


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