[ANNOUNCE] London Perl Workshop: Update: Checkpoint Charlie

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Fri Oct 3 16:32:55 BST 2014

Good Day to you all.

The London Perl Workshop is now just one month away and so it is time 
for the usual prods, kicks and pushes to be sent to those thinking of 
speaking, attending or sponsoring to get body parts into motion and 
change gear ratios or be left in a sea of shame and lost opportunity.

Already confirmed for this event:

A keynote by Hakim Cassimally and Adrian McEwan - authors of 'Designing 
the Internet of Things'.
A workshop of using Arduino and the Internet of Things by the above. 
(see below)
Dave Cross workshop/tutorial on Perl and the Internet of Things
A workshop by Ian Norton on Learning Perl Together
A workshop by Andrew Solomon on Web Development with Dancer2
The Hardware Toys to play with - bring a laptop and see if you can code 
on one of our toys to perform

Free Morning Coffee Break with special snacks.

Free Afternoon Coffee Break with cakes.

Evening 'sponsored' Beer in our traditional LPW Social. (see below)

Some important dates:

17th October
Last date to sign up for the Internet of Things Arduino Workshop. A 
co-sponsored event that costs just £25 to attend (to help towards 
purchasing hardware). The actual cost of this event is far higher as 
both speakers have been generously sponsored and the Enlightened Perl 
Organisation will be picking up the extra £35 on each kit (the kit you 
will receive to take home contains both an Arduino and an Ethernet 
shield along with many other bits and pieces). This is a fantastic 
opportunity and the course is already half filled as there is a maximum 
number of places.

24th October
Closing date for talk submissions but we will be starting the process of 
choosing talks this weekend, so this may change or a valuable chance 
lost as other talks whetted our appetites first. Time to submit people, 
even if it is a placeholder to make sure you are registering intent.

31st October
Last date to register and ensure you are on the 'printed' list of 
attendees. Why does this matter? Well we base much of our decisions on 
room sizes and talk choices based on those that have registered, and 
this year due to us setting some of the scheduling early you will be 
able to pre-state what you want to attend a little earlier. It also 
helps us with the coffee breaks and beers in the evening.

We are still looking for sponsors to help join in with the 'evening 
social', this year we have paid for a new element in a hardware 
workshop, sponsored kits and increased university charges. For this 
reason we have less available in the pot for the evening. If you want 
your company to be part of the social event now is the time to act. We 
are also still seeking sponsors to help cover the cost of venue hire and 
our special event! We are also looking for vendors who wish to sell 
hardware at the event, if you know of anyone who creates IoT hardware 
such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pis etc. and they want to come to the 
workshop and sell their wares then please have them contact the organisers.

There are a greater number of workshops this year than we have ever held 
and this will be an unmissable chance to receive free training whether 
you are new to Perl or really keen to learn more about how to use Perl 
with hardware devices. If you know of any other list or interested 
parties please pass on the details of this mail.

As always Mark is contactable as m(dot)keating(at)shadowcat.co.uk.



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