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> IIRC there's a scene in an episode of Dr Who (in Tom Baker's time) where
> the Doctor escapes by climbing up through a hatch in the TARDIS ceiling,
> calling down a one liner to the Daleks stuck below just before he closes it
> 1) Am I remembering this correctly?
> 2) If so, is a clip of this online somewhere, in an easily linkable form? *

Can't help with these... while I started watching during the Tom Baker 
era, I just don't remember TV episodes that far back :-).

> Further, my understanding is that in the more recent episodes, the Daleks
> have figured out how to overcome their previous inability to cope with
> stairs, ladders, etc, uttering "levitate" before doing exactly that.
> 3) Is there a representative clip of this online?

Here, I can at least give you a title and number, though I have no links 
to clips. The best episode for this would be the 6th Eccleston episode 
(season 1 of the re-booted series), "Dalek". There's a scene where a 
security guard is being pursued by the Dalek into a stairwell, and mocks 
the Dalek for not being able to climb stairs.

Spoiler alert: She dies.

But that's the scene you would want, as I think it's the only time you 
actually see/hear a Dalek say "LEVITATE".

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