google spreadsheet API login woes

Bob MacCallum uncoolbob at
Thu Oct 16 12:35:18 BST 2014

Please could some kind soul fork and fix this for me while I go to lunch?

It's stopped working recently (can't say exactly when) - and I don't know
my AuthSub from my OAuth from my elbow.

I've tried

    my $auth = Net::Google::AuthSub->new;
    my $res  = $auth->login($user, $pass);

but I'm getting $res->error eq 'BadAuthentication' which is a Google dead
end :-(

I really hope this can be done without registering API keys and other

If you fix it for me, a few people may not die from malaria (or other
vector-borne diseases) in the future!  And I'll have my lunch.

many thanks!

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