Due to mass layoffs at Moonfruit (big surprise, I know)....

drforr@pobox.com drforr at pobox.com
Tue Oct 28 10:12:10 GMT 2014

Looking for new work. I've currently got at least 3 recruiters and 2 
direct contacts from LinkedIn scurrying around looking for offers, and 
for the moment I'm rather optimistic. But if anyone has suggestions or 
warnings, I'm all ears. If anyone is curious as to what actually 
happened, email me privately. On the other hand the remainder of my time 
was spent with Liz & Wendy at LEGOWorld (a bomb) and the Essen Game 
Faire (*not* a bomb, in fact I'm staring at a pile of trophies.) If 
anyone's interested I'll bring a game or three with me to LPW when that 
rolls around. I can fit in my bag... lessee here...

Abyss (#3 in the top finds at Essen according to BoardGameGeeks)
Essen: The Game (#5 in the top finds at Essen according to 
Mutant Meeples
Designer Dungeons
Firefly (assuming Wendy won't steal it)
Black Stories (not from Essen)

Not all at once, of course.

In the meantime I'll go back to putting this crane together while 
waiting for calls. (#damnitstev...er #damnitLEGO)

Thanks all, will be at LPW regardless.
Jeff <drforr at pobox.com>

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