Photos from London Perl Conference

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Sun Nov 9 17:51:58 GMT 2014

I have uploaded some photos I took at yesterday's London Perl Conference
which you can find here:

I understand someone is creating a flickr group to combine the various
photographer's shots but I don't have the link - but if someone lets me
know: I will copy them across.

I think I've done a bit better with the light this year: but bear in mind
there are big technical challenges in shooting non-flash photographs with
conference lighting - particularly when you're trying to not distract from
the actual talks.

The photos I took at the last two conferences are still available to see at:

Oh, and if anyone would like to come and hear what I get up to when I'm not
coding [pP]erl, I'm playing cello with the newly formed Collaborative
Orchestra at a Christmas concert on December 4 in Wapping. The conductor is
very ambitious and we're recording our first CD next year. If you want to
hear how good we sound: the orchestra was featured in a 30 minute (mostly
music) documentary on BBC Per(l)sia which you can watch here: 

Or, if you want something shorter: this was the 50 second promo video for
the concert in April featuring our glorious leader: 

On December 4, we're playing Vivaldi's Gloria and Haydn's ''Insanae et vanae
curae'' with a choir from the London College of Music plus a few other works
like a cello octet arrangement of Faure's Pavane. I've been "volunteered" to
play the cello 1 part in that which goes slightly eye-wateringly high... so
might be about to pop off to do some practice.

Tickets for the show and further information can be found here: 


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