Barbie and Perl

Guinevere Nell guinevere.nell at
Wed Nov 19 20:08:36 GMT 2014

Hi (ers)

Having just got a reminder from perl's Barbie about LPW, it occured to me
that I could share not-perl's Barbie's atrocious book about what it means
for a girl to think about going into computery stuff ~ a girl computer
engineer ?? ... Don't worry, she'll let the boys do all the hard stuff...

Since I know the perl community would like to welcome the femalier sex into
its folds (let's not imagine folds of fat, please), I thought you all might
be interested:

What an amazing role model for girls, huh?



p.s. please feel free to share with the rest of the perl community and
brainstorm about possible open-source / public domain solutions to this
rubbish ...


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