New Year's Resolution - Learn Modern Perl

Sue Spence virtuallysue at
Sun Dec 21 17:12:47 GMT 2014

On 21 December 2014 at 16:36, Martin A. Brooks <martin at>

> > From: "Andrew Solomon" <andrew at>
> > To: "london pm" < at>
> > Sent: Saturday, 20 December, 2014 6:36:54 PM
> > Subject: New Year's Resolution - Learn Modern Perl
> >
> > Start with 'Hello World' then develop a search engine in Perl and an
> > online game powered by Dancer2.
> You've probably just guaranteed that no-one on this list will ever use
> your services.

This sort of posting is likely to start a Kerfuffle, if not an actual Flame
War, therefore I wish you hadn't done it.  It costs nothing to be civil.
Also, you most certainly do not speak for everyone on this list.  We can't
even agree on which editor to use, never mind anything else. :-)

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