[LPW] We are Portuguese students..

Ruben Fonseca root at cpan.org
Sun Nov 11 20:50:19 GMT 2007

Hi @all!

My name is Rúben Fonseca, and I've been at YAPC::EU::2005 and 2006 (no
money this year to go to vienna).

I have a couple of friends that are willing to do *anything* to go to
LPW this year. Unfortunately, they are (yet) students, so you can
already guess... NO MONEY!

But we are willing to stop drinking beer for one month!! WE WANT TO GO
TO LPW2007!! :-) We already have cheap flights do London, but it's our
first time in that big city, and we have no clue were we can find the
cheapest bed!

So I'm writing to you London guys, were can we sleep near the university
and don't spend our entire one month savings? :-)

Any tip will be very appreciated! Thank you community!


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