London Perl Hackdays

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Another successful London Perl Hack Day with more people attending than ever before with about a dozen physically present in the "classroom" area of the London Hackspace a short walk from Cambridge Health Station in East London. Attendees also included a former Pumpking and several people working remotely via

Three people were doing the CPAN pull request challenge. In addition there was even a newbie who, with a little help, was able to submit patches to P5P for perl 5 itself. Also some discussion of functional Perl 5 and Excel. There were Perl 6 related pull requests created as well and Larry changed the behaviour of .classify based on feedback from an attendee.

At about 5.30pm about half of us retired to a nearby curry house (Al Amin) followed by some pubs.


* Sue Spence

* Steve Mynott

* John Davies

* Benedetto

* Sam Thompson

* David Leadbeater

* Jasmine

* Dakkar

* Christian Jaeger

* Hugo Van De Sanden

* Michael

* Nelo Onyiah

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