London Perl Hackdays

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Here is the official Perl5 todo list:

You could also:

* Compile Perl5 blead and install modules ( - `perlbrew install blead; perlbrew use perl-blead`)

* Look on CPAN for modules that have test failures on blead, then work on fixes

* Learn to use perlbrew, cpanm, and other parts of the modern Perl toolchain ( & ... see also )

* Have a look at the London PM github repository -

* Play with the code for dipsy, the resident infobot

* If Christian is around, get functional-perl ( explained to you and tell whatever you think, write examples, etc.

* Want a better wiki? This is an installation of Quiki, which is a simple wiki from the CPAN. You can play with it, or modify the CSS, or ?

Feel free to follow up with other hacking topics.

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