[Jobs] [JOB] Software Engineer at RIPE NCC in Amsterdam

Jos I. Boumans openings at ripe.net
Mon Apr 21 11:41:09 BST 2008

Company:                RIPE NCC, Amsterdam
Position:               Software Engineer (on site)
Job Reference Number:   0508-001
Salary:                 The annual salary for this position is between
                         €42,497 and €53,128
Date of Posting:        21 April 2008
URL:                    http://ripe.net/employment/posts/08-0508- 

Specific Qualifications and Experience Required:
    * A strong and demonstrated knowledge of OO Perl in a UNIX  
    * Strong knowledge of relational databases and SQL, particularly  
    * Experience in software development, testing/QA and deployment  
    * Some practical experience in C, networking and Linux environments
    * Undergraduate or higher degree in Computer Science or a similar
      discipline, or equivalent professional experience
    * Strong written and spoken English
    * Ability to learn quickly
    * Excellent team player

The following qualifications are desirable:
    * Experience in database performance tuning and clustering,  
    * Experience working in agile development environments (XP/Scrum)
    * Experience with source code control systems (SVN/SVK preferred)
    * Experience and understanding of designing and implementing  
      high performance (server) systems
    * Affinity with the Open Source community, preferably through  
    * Affinity with the ISP environment and RIPE community
    * Experience with MVC frameworks such as Catalyst, database  
      layers such as DBIx::Class and templating systems such as Template
      Toolkit. Contributions to the CPAN will also be considered a plus.

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