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The below might be of interest.  Please contact Shjeel if you are.

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From: Shjeel Ahmed <shjeelahmed at abrs.com>
Date: 2009/8/3
Subject: Perl Contract
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Hi     Jonathon

I have a contract with Virgin Media, based in Slough Langley, paying
£400 Daily Rate for a 6 month contract?

This is the contract with Virgin Media. Looking forward to getting
your updated CV and Code samples.

Working in a very small team that does performance management of the
kit and hardware in the network.  Cable modems and stbs' have
components in them that continually feedback and talk to the network,
so we can assess how well the components and kit is working, life
span, problems, technical problems and trends are identified etc.  The
database that holds this info is being increased and this Perl
developer will work on it.

Official Spec: The position will be to assist with the creation of an
HFC (Cable Network) monitoring and reporting tool. The work will be
developing code to collect data from Set Top boxes and Cable Modems
before processing it and then loading it into a database for analysis.
The position will also involved working on and maintaining our
existing code and tools.

Essential Skills would be: -
Perl 5.8 or later
Strong knowledge of SNMP or Net::SNMP
Object Oriented (sometimes abbreviated to OO) Perl
Desirable skills would be: -
strong Oracle knowledge, oracle in general, 10g or TimesTen (very desirable)
Experienced in writing large code chunks and utility scripts, - NOT

this team pushes problems to resolution....they have accountability
and work closely together to resolve issues


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