[Jobs] Job: Data Scientist - Research Associate - Algorithm developer . (near Victoria station)

Avishalom Shalit avishalom at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:08:01 GMT 2011

 # Are you comfortable data-mining huge datasets?
 # Can you come up with questions (given a dataset) and be able to answer them?
 # Would you like to use your abilities and turn data into insights and
 knowledge that will have a measurable effect on the business Upstream
 and our customers?
 # If you would like to demonstrate these in an interview
  --> this job is for you!

 You don't have to have a degree, but we are looking for demonstrable skills.
 (and it doesn't HAVE to be skills in Perl, :-) )

 Upstream is a company that delivers marketing solutions to a range of
 companies such as mobile operators and online marketing companies. in
 recent years these solutions are becoming smarter and more technically
 (datamining , machine learning) oriented.
 our Algorithm and analytics team is growing, and you may have a chance
 to join a company that is big enough to be stable , yet small enough
 that individual contribution is very meaningful to the company.


 for more details


 -- vish

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