[Jobs] Multiple Perl Developer vacancies

Mike Whitaker mike at altrion.org
Thu Nov 17 11:52:28 GMT 2011

An informal note (ergo, please don't consider anything in here legally

For those who missed the shameless plugs at the end of my talks at LPW,
or mislaid my email, LOVEFiLM are hiring - specifically, mid- and
senior- level devs for the internal systems (additionally, anyone with
Solr experience would be welcomed with open arms) as well as devs for
the streaming/digital part of our operation. 

Modern Perl an asset, a willingness (for the internal systems) to get
your hands dirty with (and hopefully modernise) legacy code likewise.

Feel free to direct CVs and/or any queries to me, and I'll make sure
they get to the right folks. 


mike at altrion.org
mike.whitaker at lovefilm.com

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