[Jobs] Perl and SQL database expertise required in a Law Reporting environment.

Nigel Phelps nigelp at catalysts-ltd.com
Wed Apr 16 15:41:55 BST 2014

We are a small company looking after some big clients in the online
publishing world.
Sadly we recently became smaller when one of the team died from cancer.
He had started a task for one of our clients (we estimate he was 70% the way
through the 'thinking' stage and maybe 50 to 60% through the coding) but was
unable to finish it - though he worked as best he could almost to the very
We are therefore looking for someone with the right experience to pick up
where it was left and finish it.
If a person with the right experience is interested and available they could
start very quickly.
The client's task specifier (a Consultant) is available (to help) as are the
Perl scripts the developer produced.
The task involves 'reading' data from a simple XML document and automating
the insertion of data from various elements and attributes into the correct
fields of a fairly complex SQL database. The database contains legal
metadata content and the complexity arises due to the interconnections
between newly added data and legacy content already present.

As the Perl scripts are already part-implemented and live for a very simple
subset of the XML document, we would prefer to build on existing code if at
all possible.
This is a relatively short term contract task but for the right person,
could possibly lead to a long term offer as the client has further on-going
development plans and we have other clients.
Please contact the undersigned if you are interested.
Nigel Phelps        
Managing Director
Catalysts Ltd (A company registered in England, # 2508575, VAT # 135 5684
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