[ANNOUNCE] London Javascript Night - May 25th

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Wed Apr 26 17:04:49 BST 2006

Now that Javascript rules the web (2.0) and AJAX isn't just for                                       
cleaning the loo, we've decided it's about time to have a whole                                       
evening dedicated to the little language that could, hence ...                                        
The first ever London Javascript evening!                                                             
Presenting on the night (so far) are ...                                                              
        Simon Willison: Javascript taste testing                                                      
        Paul Hammond: Javascript idioms                                                               
... along with a set of lightning talks that are so exciting they are                                 
still in closed beta!                                                                                 
The tech meet will begin at 19:00 at the Fotango offices (http://                                     
www.fotango.com/contact_us.htm) and should end about 21:00. After the                                 
talks we'll head for food and drink in one of the local pubs. Where                                   
you should buy the presenters much beer.                                                              
We've still got a couple of slots left, so if you've got a topic                                      
you'd like to speak on (especially if it's a lightning talk) drop a                                   
note to greg at mccarroll.org.uk.                                                                        
It's free to attend, but we need you to sign up at http://                                            
london.pm.org/ljs-200605/ (Thanks London.pm!)                                                         
Those details again -                                                                                 
Times: Start at 19:00 on May 25th, 2006. End at 21:00.                                                
Address: Fotango Ltd.                                                                                 
64 Ironmonger Row                                                                                     
EC1V 3QR                                                                                              
United Kingdom                                                                                        
Directions: http://london.pm.org/meetings/locations/fotango.html                                      
Signup: http://london.pm.org/ljs-200605/                                                              

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