[ANNOUNCE] Ye Olde Perl[e] Mo[u]ngeurs Of Londinium Worshoppe Schedule of Events

Mark Keating mdk at shadowcatsystems.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 14:20:16 GMT 2008

Hear ye. Hear ye.

To all Mo[u]guers Perl[e], to my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, to all 
denziens throughout the lands of faire Albion, upon whose shores waves 
of grace are blessed, I give thee pause to taketh note. At this 
location, upon this time, and at a place well suited to thee for 
communication oft, and with, internets blessed, thou canst find the 
[proposed] Schedule of Events, for the Workshoppe of Londinium to be 
held on Saturday, the twenty-ninth day of November in this year of our 
Lord two thousand and eight.

Thy attention is turneth to:


If thou wisheth to raise a concern then at thy pleasure, though perhaps 
to some otherwise non dream't of consternation, address they words to 
mdk(at)shadowcat.co.uk, where no doubt they shall be read upon, 
remarketh upon and then shredded and fed to a cat.[1]

If thou seeketh to complain then simply follow these three steps:

First: writeth thy complaint on finest Egyptium Vellum using a quill 
from the Scottish Sea eagle in thine own blood, affixing a seal made 
from gristle of your own flesh.
Second: Assign one of thy lesser servants to tarry to Lord Gregory (head 
of l.pm)[2] and seeketh from him the secret addresses wherein the dark 
masters who control the secret writings of Perl[e] dwell.
Third: Stuff they complaint down the throat of a freshly slaughtered 
goat and cast it upon the sacrificial pyre while recounting sixteen of 
thy favourite memes backwards into a mirror.

Thy complaint shouldst then reach the correct Seraphim who shalt wing it 
to its rightful home.

Thy thanks as always shower me with much greatness.


[1] I will of course read them and do all I can to aid, and/or assist 
your query.
[2] Please don't really bother Greg, well not until the day of the 
conference at least, and then only after he has quaffed at least five 
fine ales.

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