London Web Frameworks Evening

Paul Mison paulm at
Fri Nov 11 12:49:45 GMT 2005

On 11/11/2005 at 12:27 +0000, Peter wrote:
>I'd quite like to go to this talk by Matt Trout et al:
>... but the signup link is at and that
>host is down.

The host is up, but the DNS is still propagating. The fact your email 
got through indicates that it works if you hit it enough. If you 
can't get at it, I recommended dig-ging for the IP and trying that.

In other news, thanks to mb, gellyfish, paulm, mbm, andym, yaxu, 
muttley, davorg and other denizens of IRC who've helped get 
penderel's brain largely transplanted into a new virtual host so the 
list (and various web sites) are back.

Particular thanks go to state51 and its employees for graciously 
hosting penderel for three and a half years, including nursing its 
booting and other hardware fairly frequently.

:: paul
:: blue coconut slush

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