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Paul Makepeace at
Tue Nov 15 11:16:08 GMT 2005

Je 2005-11-15 10:44:54 +0000, Simon Wistow skribis:
> The second one is solvable provided that we don't mind losing our 
> history.

Since it can't be checked in or out I don't imagine this is a particularly
large dataset... let's lose it.

> The last one is ... well, to be honest there two schools of thought 
> here. The first school of thought says "If it ain't broke, don't fix 
> it". The other half points out the build system involves 3 (three!) 
> sepearte Template Toolkit compilation phases and some XSLT. The second 
> half then threatens the first half with extreme violence before abruptly 
> breaking down into a sobbing mass muttering something about 
> ''

If it can get to the point of being a single command that is sudo'able I
don't think its internals matter too much at this point. The build
process ought to be in VCS too, no?

> So, if anybody is *actually* interested in fixing it then I'll put the 
> time into setting up a SVN server and checking everything and writing 
> some docs. 

Sounds great! Go for it. I would've even done the svn bit but whoever
is now managing doesn't seem to have even restored the
accounts - deliberate decision?


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