Simon Wistow simon at
Thu Nov 17 11:53:48 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 11:27:25AM +0000, Paul Mison said:
> Personally, I feel that penderel has been a failure. 

At the risk of starting an argument (and already discussed very 
reasonably off list with Paul), I think that's a bit harsh. Whilst 
Penderel never had the, err, smoothest life it did give us a large 
amount of flexibility that a straight .pm account possibly wouldn't 

On the other hand, as Paul pointed out it unfortunately came at a time 
when shell accounts were becoming plentiful and cheap and was thus a 
victim of its own circumstances.

On the other, other hand - whilst there have been some problems with it 
the bulk of the admin problems has been dealing with the mailing lists 
and the website which were both location independant.

Anyway, Penderel is dead. Long live Windmill. Let's pour a jug of TVR on 
the pavement for our fallen homie, etc etc.

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