Jonathan Stowe jns at
Thu Nov 17 11:51:08 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 11:27, Paul Mison wrote:
> Summary: penderel is dead, but I have its data. Please get in touch 
> if this affects you.


> At some point someone will fix all the email aliases to point to a 
> different email address. Again, get in touch with me and I'll pass 
> them on to the relevant people (or even do it myself, there's a 
> thought).

I have fixed up all the aliases that were in the main aliases file on
penderel. However if anyone had a .forward or a .procmailrc with
something funky in it these are yet to be fixed and it'll probably be
easier if you just let me know what alias needs to be set up.


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