"The Case for File Swapping"

José Castro jac at natura.di.uminho.pt
Thu Nov 17 15:00:10 GMT 2005

* Dirk Koopman (djk at tobit.co.uk) wrote:
> I think you will find that "milliard" is rather more widespread than
> just "British, French and German usage".  You will find it used all over
> Europe and in many other languages (eg Dutch)

Funny... the so called British Milliard, 10^9, in Portuguese, is
"milhão". However, I find the term "milhar" (10^3) much more similar
to "Milliard"...

OTOH, a "bilião" is, AFAIK, 10^9...

It's gets more confusing if you wikiped the term billion.

Random quote: "The old word "milliard", also found in many other
languages, can be used for 109 but is unfamiliar even to many native
English speakers."


Jose Alves de Castro <cog at cpan.org>

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