"The Case for File Swapping"

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 15:42:45 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 15:05 +0000, Peter Hickman wrote:

I ought to leave well alone, really, but I just can't. Simon, give me a
good slap when next you see me.

> The purpose of the link was to show that there exists a more widely 
> known word that could have been used in it's place that would actually 
> made the article (marginally) more readable. The adoption of 
> unconventional words in colloquy does not aid the advancement of 
> conspicuous articulation. 

I see.  Colloquy, hmm... I don't see much of that around here. In fact I
not sure that you can apply the term to anything much available on the
internet, certainly not the article nor anything on here. Neither am I
sure, quite, what it has to do with articulation, unless you are
conversing with the judge using semaphore. That would certainly count as
"conspicuous". I think you may be confusing the term with 'polemic' -
which is altogether a much better description of just about anything on

> And it makes you look like a prat.

I presume you meant 'one' rather than 'you'. Otherwise it might have
been misconstrued as fighting talk.

Have a nice day.


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